BP25涡轮机油;BP Turbo oil 25

BP25涡轮机油(BP Turbo Oil 25)符合美军标准DODPRF-85734,包装946ML 罐,能够满足直升机的严格要 求,在直升机变速箱和传动系统中提供优于第二代润滑油的出色承载能力。

执行标准:DOD-PRF-85734;DEF STAN 91-100 (DERD 2497)

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BP Turbo Oil 25能够满足直升机的严格要 求,在直升机变速箱和传动系统中提供优于第二代润 滑油的出色承载能力。

BP Turbo Oil 25的高速承载能力获得了美国军用规范DODPRF-85734对直升机传动系统的认证。BP Turbo Oil 25在这 种应用中的多年实际使用体验有力验证了其出色性能。此外,它还通过了DEF STAN 91-100规范(原DERD 2497) 认证,并获准载入首次发布及随后发布的所有获准产品清单 (Approved Products List)。

BP Turbo Oil 25 is a 5 cSt high load carrying synthetic lubricant which was developed to meet the requirements of supersonic aircraft engines. BP Turbo Oil 25 is approved against US military specification DOD-PRF-85734, and UK military specification DEF STAN 91-100 (DERD 2497). Designed to meet the severe requirements of helicopters and offers expectional load-carrying ability over Type II oils in helicopter gearboxes and transmissions.


The high gear load carrying ability of BP Turbo Oil 25 makes it a better choice for helicopter transmission application. Approved in many Bell, Eurocopter and Sikorsky helicopters; please check your Flight Instructions or with your manufacturer for the most up to date approvals. 

Advantages BP Turbo Oil 25 incorporates high oxidation resistance to minimize formation of carbon, coke and sludge. It also provides high load-carrying ability to satisfy the requirements of highly loaded gears and bearings operating in very demanding environment. This oil has the best load-carrying ability in its class.


BP Turbo Oil 25 is a high load-carrying gas turbine oil, for the most demanding gear applications.

Helicopter operators in both military and private sectors have shown a preference for the DOD-PRF-85734 oils, like BPTO 25, because of the wear protection provided by its extreme pressure additive technology. Air BP lubricants is the only oil manufacturer to offer broadly used DOD-PRF-85734 and MIL-PRF-23699 HTS Class oils, to suit all your helicopter oil lubrication needs.

BP Turbo Oil 25 is formulated from synthetic base stocks and advanced technology additives, to provide the combined thermal and oxidation stability properties of commercial Type II lubricants, with extreme pressure additives to maximise gear system reliability.





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